Quality Care

Quality care is a company distributing bicycles specifically designed for people with physical disability. Their goal is to deliver tailored products that will help them manage daily activities with comfort and be able to make the most of their daily lives.

Business Challenges

The company needs to re-design the logo and website with focus on showing its market the experiences one can achieve using a proper aid instead of focus on technical details. The website should also be more organized to make it easier for its clients to navigate it.


The focal point of the design is experience. We use pictures that show different scenarios where people with disabilities enjoy daily activities with joy and comfort. The technical details of each aid/bicycle are arranged in a minimalistic pattern for a better user-experience.

We took new product photos againts an industrial background to give a rough and cooler effect on each bikes.

The logo is also based on the pattern of the company`s best-selling product. The original color pallette has been retained.