Prinsessefin “Kjersti of Norway” is a Norwegian based company producing high quality hand-made children hair accessories.

Business Challenges

Prinsessefin is expanding its international market and manual order system cant cope up with its fast-facing demands.

Order punching during fairs, inventory and extra channel to sell unsold products are also some of the problems.


The team built a user-friendly webshop catering to both B2B and B2C clients. We  used a classic and elegant design and color palette to match the company`s business image. PoS is also built in the system. It has a barcode system which makes order-taking during outdoor events simultaneous. The system will also make a report of sales and inventory among others.

Brand pictures, product images and editing are also done by the team to achieve consistency.

The team is also responsible for its newsletters and some prints.

The webshop is still on-going.